Help small businesses do big things.

There’s something so profoundly rewarding about knowing that your work is empowering people everywhere to pursue their dreams. Here, we all play an integral part in helping business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits and individuals to succeed by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

At Constant Contact, we are seriously awesome people who take ownership and make an impact – operating with the mindset, integrity and courage of a small business owner. We’re energized by new challenges and new possibilities — and we're just getting started.


Join the teams moving small businesses forward.
Engineering & Product

Engineering at Constant Contact means making a difference from day one – contributing to projects and collaborating to solve tough problems and help real people. Agile in every sense of the word, we’re building a better product and experience for our customers, every day.

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Customer Success
While others treat customers like a number, we treat them like human beings with lives to get back to. Always friendly, our support teams are here for our customers at every step of the way, making online marketing simple, easy, and personal.

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Ambitious yet empathetic, our salespeople are results-driven specialists who know what it takes to compete in this industry. As part of our fast-paced sales team, you'll receive all the coaching and support you need, and have great fun doing it.

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Marketing & Creative
We’re uniquely talented, slightly nerdy, and highly creative people – many with ad agency backgrounds and creative side hustles. Whether you’re left-brained or right, a business mind, or a creative one, we might have the perfect spot for you.

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People Team
We truly and deeply care about our people. This is the team that works hard every day to keep Constant Contact going and growing by nurturing our unique and inclusive culture and helping our people build careers.

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Finance & Legal
These teams are the engine that keeps Constant Contact humming, ensuring we’re able to reach our goals while driving value for our customers, staying transparent and honest, and making nothing but the smartest, most ethical decisions.

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Why you'll love it here.

Do good
There’s something profoundly awesome about knowing that your work is empowering people all over the world to pursue their dreams.
Make an impact
Rapidly scaling but with a relentless start-up spirit, we take ownership and hold each other accountable for our actions - with the integrity and courage of a small business owner.
Work with awesome people
While others may take themselves too seriously, we work hard but always do it with a smile while having fun together. ​​​​​​​
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Different together.
Truly welcoming to everyone, we treat each other the same way we do our customers – with open minds, respect, and a real sense of care. Because businesses, regardless of their size, can and should be a driving force for good.

And that starts with us. So, at Constant Contact, we’re deeply and genuinely committed to building a culture where everyone can share ideas, thrive, and make a positive difference.

Proud to support small businesses.

For the dreamers in need of direction, the solopreneurs starting on a new path, or the seasoned ones that are well on their way - no matter where they are on their journey, we’ve got their back.
Marissa is fashionably successful online
After spending the better part of her twenties walking in dozens of couture fashion shows, Marissa took the leap from the runway to run her own business. In the first month, she sold only 8 gowns. With the help of Constant Contact. Marissa now ships over 1000 dresses each month since evolving her business model from a small offline shop to mostly online sales.

Marissa Tilley
Lady Black Tie
Tom is in constant contact with his network
Owner of Catalano Architects, Tom comes from an entrepreneurial background and always knew that he wanted to work for himself. After successfully setting up his own firm, he now relies on our tools to reach the audience his business needs, keep his name out there, and let his partners know about the exciting projects his firm is undertaking.

Tom Catalano
Catalano Architects
Hady’s website is easy as pie 
Like most small business owners, Hedy Jarras was too busy running her business to deal with an outdated website. And while pushing this issue to the backburner worked fine for her for quite some time, the coronavirus pandemic changed that. Hedy needed a fresh, vibrant website that was easy to navigate, and that she could quickly update on her own. The problem was, she didn’t know exactly how she was going to get that. Enter Constant Contact.

Hedy Jarras
Sweet Tomatoes Pizza
slide 5 of 5 I apperciated the opportunity to learn more about team interaction and modern leadership tools in up-to-date management courses. Andrey Victor  VP, Consulting Partner, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Snapshots of who we are and how we think.

​​​​​​​Our blog is a collection of insightful, inspiring and sometimes provocative stories that showcase our culture and our love for small businesses.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Work with seriously awesome people.

Jess connects us to small businesses.
“I love going to work every day knowing that I'm making a difference in how our customers feel about Constant Contact. Having one on one customer conversations and putting a face to who we are as a company is so important. We're real people behind the scenes, trying to help our customers succeed. I'm so honored to work for a company that prioritizes listening to our customers.”
Satyajit helps us build a better product.
“Working together to benefit our customers is what we do here. And that was exemplified during the pandemic that affected the fabric of our country - small businesses. Engineering, product, and the rest of the organization pivoted to provide tools and resources to our customers so that they can continue to be successful in these unforeseen times. That's why I love working here.”
Jen leads our creative team with empathy.
“Creative people are an eclectic bunch, and I think their best work comes from feeling supported enough to explore any idea - no matter how wacky, weird or unexpected it may be. I also try to bring empathy to the job in other ways—by putting myself in our customers’ shoes, and seeking to understand the challenges of each member of the marketing team and how I can best partner with them to reach their goals.”
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Join us in making a positive impact.

We’re just getting started. Join us as we continue to scale and make more small business dreams come true.

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