Come join the Gator Squad. 

Your favorite blue gator has been helping customers get online since the Jurassic. A big boy company with a start-up spirit, we’re a fun crew who enjoy using our tech-savvy brains and spirit to help others build and host their dream site, fast. 

What started as an idea for a hosting company in a Florida dorm room has evolved into the fun-loving, customer-helping, one-stop-shop for creating websites that work. No matter where customers are in their online journey, we’ve got what they need. Even if they don’t know they need it yet.


Our mission
HostGator is the straight-up, no-chaser, online playground where customers go to turn their idea into something real. It’s where side-hustlers and goal-setters go to become moneymakers. It’s true, this gator scales.

Reasons to join us

We’re a friendly team of tech-passionate people.

We help people turn their ideas into reality, fast.
We stand out in the industry with our quirky brand and fun-loving mindset.